Our approach

The KPMG Foundation is a grant-making charity. We work proactively with selected partners to improve the life chances of some of the UK's most vulnerable children, young people and families, seeking long term change wherever possible.

Supported by KPMG since 2000, the Foundation shares the firm's commitment to promoting lifelong learning and improving numeracy and literacy skills for children and young people from more disadvantaged communities.

Investing in partners

We seek out people, charities and social enterprises who are ambitious, with inspiring leadership. They bring ideas, drive, a track record, strong networks and systems thinking. Partners who help build evidence, share learning and have high potential or capacity to work across multiple regions in England, Wales and/or Scotland. Sound judgement, strong business plans and a keen understanding of context and ‘place' are vital.

We look for commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as authentic connections and credible approaches to involving children, young people and families in creating the changes that will affect their lives.

Our commitment to partnership

The KPMG Foundation brings assets beyond grants.

We are a trusted partner with a strong reputation for collaboration, committed and ambitious for all children and young people, whatever their background and circumstances.

We complement the social mobility aims of KPMG by tackling some of the tougher issues, using the assets of the firm to add value and achieve more sustainable outcomes through convening, influence and leadership.

We keep our aspirations and expectations high, prepared to invest in new ideas with potential, along with helping develop clear outcomes and success measures. We understand that deeper interventions and relationships take time and that core funding can be the most valuable support we can offer.